TIBCO Statistica™ Evaluation

There are several ways to evaluate if Statistica™ is the right solution for you.


With the trial version of Statistica Desktop, you can test Statistica for 30 days on your computer. Numerous functionalities are available in this version:

  • Data visualization
  • Data preparation
  • Basic and advanced statistical methods
  • Industrial statistics
  • Multi-variant process statistics
  • Data mining
  • and much more

Installation of the trial version is straightforward, just download the installer to your Windows machine and install it. Please navigate to the website of our partner TIBCO to register and download the trial installer:

Trial Download

Evaluation License

A full evaluation license will enable you to test Statistica with all required analytical capabilities as well as the server components.
The evaluation can be set up for multiple users, multiple servers and for any required duration. During the evaluation we will assist you with the installation, the configuration, and the introduction to the software.

Please get in touch with us so that we can set up the perfect evaluation for you: