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Fast, Efficient and User-friendly Data Analysis
– with TIBCO® Data Science / Statistica™

Fast, efficient, and user-friendly data analysis – staying competitive by using the best tools to create a reliable basis for business decisions.

Would you like to have complex questions answered promptly? Is it important to you to make entrepreneurial decisions based on well-founded key figures? Should internal processes be organized "in time" and with the correct data efficiently and networked? And all this based on data that is already available at your company?

Then simply rely on Statistica™. It's a worldwide proven software suite that can be used to analyze and visualize data, to create insights and predictions, and deliver tailored solutions for the users. More than 1 million users worldwide from a wide variety of industries rely on Statistica™. The software stands out for its user-friendliness including the complete visualization of analytical processes in the project interface. Nowadays it's bundled in TIBCO® Data Science as Workbench.

Statistica™ offers the capability to integrate with many other tools and platform. By integrating TIBCO® Spotfire, you can take advantage of comprehensive dashboard functionality. By integrating R and/or Python you can make use of their extensive capabilities.

StatSoft is your partner for TIBCO’s products including Statistica™ and many more analytical tools. Feel free to get in touch with us, so that we can help to find the right solution for you.



Big Data


Predictive Analytics


Data Mining


Customer Analysis




Statistica™ 14 Migration Support

We help you with switching to the latest release of Statistica™

To find out more visit statsoft.de/News

Statistica Use Cases

The use of a software supplying you with easy to use, advanced analytical methods can help to solve many business challenges. Our customers can be found in the pharmaceutical industry, the life science sector, the manufacturing industry, banks, insurance companies, energy, and others. Every industry can benefit from understanding it’s data better and draw better conclusions from it. In our use cases you can read how our customers have been using Statistica to gain valuable insights, make better decisions, be more robust and finally successfully improve their business.


TIBCO Statistica Evaluation

There are several ways to evaluate if Statistica™ is the right solution for you.

Please navigate to our evaluation page to find out more about the available options.

Satisfied customers

StatSoft's clients include pharmaceutical, life science, manufacturing, banking, insurance and other services companies. The application areas are correspondingly diverse: Statistica is used for production monitoring and optimization as well as in marketing and customer management. StatSoft customers include major corporations but also many medium-sized companies.

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