Use Cases

TIBCO Statistica™ is used in a wide variety of industries. StatSoft's customers can be found in the pharmaceutical industry, the life science sector, the manufacturing industry, banks, insurance companies and other service providers. The areas of application are correspondingly diverse. Statistica™ is used for production monitoring and optimization as well as in marketing and customer management. In our user reports you can read how different customers have been working successfully with Statistica™ for years.


Customer Voices

"The functionality of the Statistica solution goes far beyond pure analytics. The simple integration of Statistica into the existing architecture and the easy maintenance are essential success factors for EOS with great potential for further applications."

Stefan Theuerkauf, Head of Handling Control, EOS Deutschland

"The use of Statistica in test planning in development and production has enabled process stability to be maintained and to be improved during new product start-ups and ongoing production. StatSoft supplied not only the software but also statistical know-how as a qualified service."

Günter Niemeyer, Development Engineer – Production Processes, Rodenstock GmbH

"The analytical competence of StatSoft consultants and our industry knowledge resulted in a sophisticated solution that is future-proof and easy to use.”

Jürgen Schäfer, Manager Research and CRM, Randstad Deutschland

"Statistica software not only provides a convenient introduction to the complex world of professional statistical analysis, but also greatly facilitates the application of modern and advanced methods. Basic functions are accessible in an intuitive way. This allows a sustainable optimization of the training effort."

Dr. Ing. I. Jäckel, Automation Coordinator, Bochum Warmbandwerk, ThyssenKrupp Steel AG

"The use of Statistica in product development in a GMP-regulated environment laid the scientific foundation for our Design Space. Competent StatSoft consultants supported us continuously from the first process definition studies up to the final process validation."

Ralf Thienel, Head of Test Equipment Monitoring and Sterilization Validation, B. Braun Melsungen AG

TIBCO Statistica™ as Unified Data Science Platform

How can a platform like TIBCO Statistica™ help to unify data science processes and make them more agile? An example from the financial industry gives…

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Anwenderbericht - Randstad

Complex forecasts as a push-button solution with the help of time series

Statistica data miner at Randstad forecasts the development of employment figures.


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Anwenderbericht - Henkel

Comparison of the effect of formulations and hair colorations

Henkel relies on Statistica for challenging analyses.

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Anwenderbericht - DEVK

Improved response rates and budget savings

DEVK Versicherungen optimize direct marketing by using Statistica data miner.


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Anwenderbericht - Solarworld

Efficiency increase with the use of SPC in production

Statistica Enterprise with Monitoring & Alerting Server at SolarWorld.


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