TIBCO Spotfire®

TIBCO Spotfire®is a business intelligence software solution that provides its users with all the tools they need to collect, analyze, and visualize their data. As a market leader in smart data discovery, data wrangling and geospatial analytics it is the most complete analytics solution available and makes it fast and easy for everyone to visualize new discoveries in data. Using search and recommendations powered by a built-in artificial intelligence engine, anyone can explore data to bring insights.


  • High usability/self-service BI
  • AI-controlled recommendations
  • Intelligent data wrangling
  • Efficient, interactive visualizations
  • Collaborate with just one click
  • Natural speech search

TIBCO Spotfire® offers very comprehensive and dynamic visualizations with a huge range of customization options.
These include map charts for geospatial analytics with multiple layers.  Users can interact with the plots, zoom, highlight, drill and narrow down to find dependencies, identify outliers and draw conclusions helpful for the business.

  • Bar Chart
  • Histograms
  • Line Chart
  • Combination Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Scatter Plot
  • Map Chart
  • Treemap
  • Heat Map
  • Parallel Coordinate Plot
  • Area plots
  • Box-Whisker plots
  • Waterfall charts
  • KPI Chart

Data Sources & Wrangling

Over 60 native connectors make it easy to connect to any imaginable data source and process these with a wide range of data wrangling options. The data wrangling (or preparation) is organized in a canvas, visualizing sources and modifications as nodes. The data flow can easily be rearranged and configured, making it easy to get an insight in how the final data table, used in the analysis, is created.


Dashboards can be designed by users and be published to the Spotfire Server where they are available for all kinds of consumers in your organization. This makes collaboration, participation, and distribution of analytical insights easy. Dashboards can be used and enjoyed in the client, the browser and mobile.


Since the latest TIBCO® Data Science / Statistica™ releases 13.6, all Statistica™ products integrate fully with Spotfire®
Integration of Statistica™ in Spotfire®: Statistica™ Workspaces can be opened by  Spotfire data functions. This allows Statistica™ to be a no code analysis engine for Spotfire users.
Spotfire® Integration in Statistica™: You can use  Spotfire data connections within Statistica™. This means that dozens of data sources are now immediately at hand. Load data from Amazon, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Salesforce, SAP HANA, TeraData and many more directly into your workspaces.