TIBCO Statistica™ as Unified Data Science Platform

How can a platform like TIBCO Statistica™ help to unify data science processes and make them more agile? An example from the financial industry gives insights.

In a disruptive world the fast availability and processing of data is key to a businesses’ success. At the same time, many industries, as for example the financial sector, have to keep up with growing regulatory requirements.

In many companies an organically grown data science landscape complicates this development. A unified platform for the automated analysis of data from various sources offers an important basis for a more agile and transparent data management. In a use case from the financial industry we show how TIBCO Statistica™ can be used as a multifunctional platform for data science processes and how specific trainings speed up the onboarding of employees to the new system.

This use case is exceptional because the wide range of functions and services within TIBCO Statistica™ fits the client’s needs perfectly: from data and text mining, data wrangling, access to heterogeneous data sources, the import of text and tabular data, over statistical processes, access to web services, integration of various open source tools to visualization.

You can read the Use Case here.