Health management

With statistical analysis methods, such as data mining and predictive analytics, you can find out how to minimize risks, organize efficiency in your institution and at the same time ensure the quality of your service in the long term.

Risk reduction

With Statistica, you have an effective analytics platform that combines and evaluates all data sources (hospital information system, care, laboratory data, operating data, medical equipment, patient document management, intensive care unit, X-ray, &c.). This enables you, for example, to better assess risks in transfer management, control bed management more efficiently or develop better treatment strategies. Of course, you can also easily create running controlling reports.


Patient management

The fusion of analytics and decision platform enables the direct integration of medical and nursing expertise into the models. The right measures are automatically recommended to you on the basis of decision rules (prescriptive analytics). Detailed reports and protocols, which are generated during routine procedures, also ensure compliance with regulations.


Fraud detection

Recognize abuse and fraud detection in good time in the future. We put you in a position to use explorative tools, such as Statistica Network Analytics, to identify the decisive anomalies and identify characteristics. Automated work-flows merge data from different sources, analyse them using text mining techniques, for example, and can display suspicious cases in real time.

Our solutions for the healthcare industry

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