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Large and small organizations benefit from our knowledge since 30+ years. We have worked with 1,000+ customers and developed most of them into enthusiastic fans. Just call or email us and find out yourself!
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We supply established training classes for statistical methods as well as for Statistica. From basic to advanced to high end. Held by our experienced consultants or selected local partners. Furthermore, we offer individual consulting, implementation and support of entry-level or even the most advanced solutions.

Statistica Products

Statistica Desktop

The legendary tool for the desktop environment for even advanced analytics. An Interface with easy to use and to reuse workspaces, dashboards and reporting tables. Full set of data preparation options, graphs and statistics incl. six sigma. Open to import and to export any type of data and graphs, seamless integration of R computations.

Statistica Analyst

The bigger picture for enterprise level networks. In addition to Statistica Desktop: enhanced connectivity for ETL (extraction, transformation and loading of data) and integration of business rules with statistics.

Statistica Modeler

This is your choice for predictive analytics and data sciences. Beyond Statistica Analyst also the complete variety of algorithms in supervised learning with models and ensembles. Unsupervised learning for anomaly detection. Machine learning, deep learning, neural nets, you name it. Special options for Weight of Evidence.

Statistica Data Scientist

Beyond Statistica Modeler more connectivity is added. Integrates marketplaces like Azure ML, Algorithmia and Apertiva. Enhances analytics even more with text mining and universal process optimization options. Universal model deployment in PMML, Teradata, Java, Java MapReduce, C, C++, C#, SQL stored procedure, SQL user defined function or even SAS.

Statistica Server

Statistica Server orchestrates, manages, and governs analytics. Unleash the Statistica framework to open source like R, Python, C, H2O, CNTK Deep NN and bring them to a true enterprise level. A level which is even compliant for FDA regulated industries like pharmaceuticals. Scale to big data and connect to Hadoop or any kind of database. In-database and in-lake processing. Real time execution. As web service. Cloud-ready. Dell certified IoT integration. Optional product traceability for selected industries.
Additional specialized servers take care of special tasks: Statistica Monitoring and Alerting Server runs ten thousands of quality control charts. Statistica Web Data Entry Server gives your data a validated single point of truth and puts an end to the Excel variety.

Seamless Integration of Spotfire for all Products

With the brand new release 13.4 all Statistica products integrate fully with Spotfire, the well know visualization front-end by Tibco. On one hand it is now possible to call a Statistica workspace from a Spotfire dashboard. This allows Statistica to be a no-code analytic engine for Spotfire users. On the other hand Spotfire Data Connections can now be used as data sources within Statistica. Dozens of data sources are immediately at hand, amazon, cloudera, Hortonworks ,salesforce, SAP HANA, TeraData etc. You name it!


Attractive academic pricing is available on request. Equip your entire campus for 1 EUR/ USD per license (5,000 user flat rate!). Advanced analytical software even before entering the business world!

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